Chronicling the Years

Many years ago, I visited a Native American Museum. There I saw a long scroll, with a series of pictures. Though they were all done in the same style, and at first glance looked like one piece, but upon looking closely, they seemed to be several pieces, done at different times and by different hands.

We were told that these scrolls were living history books. Some of the tribes used this technique to document their life and times. The tribe/community would sit together at the end of each year, and collectively decide on what was the most significant event that had taken place that year. The event could be anything—from an epidemic, to a victory over another tribe, to a bear attack on one of the members.  And they would then add it on to the scroll. And so it went on, from year to year, generation to generation.

What a beautiful and democratic way to record history.  Collective decision making. Having to prioritize the ONE important thing. And then recording it in pictures, as a continuum with the previous years! What a chronicle!

We thought we too should put on record what was the important event in our life in the year gone by. For the MM, surely it was the blog!

What did it do for us?

  • Got us back into writing regularly
  • Brought us the discipline of putting out three pieces a week
  • Gave us a platform to muse, to share, to vent and to celebrate.
  • It was an opportunity to learn, research, reflect, and travel down memory lane.
  • Helped us look at things around us differently…exploring and discovering much to write about.
  • Forced us to learn new skills—even getting on to WordPress was major step forward for the tech-shy MMs!
  • Made us more conscious of the power of pictures, above and beyond the power of words.
  • And the greatest gift, brought us new ‘virtual friends’, our readers!

So thank you from the Millennial Matriarchs, to each one of you—the regular readers, the occasional readers, the one-time readers, and the readers-to-be!

We wish you a Happy, Healthy, Enriching and Satisfying 2019!


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