Writing Poetry

The only other time

Ever I wrote poetry

Was when I was fifteen


And pretty awful poetry it was

Generally whiny and confused

Written in a fit of anger

Against the world (as personified by my mother or teacher)

Or from the depths of despondency

(After a ‘I’ll never talk to you’ fight with a best friend)


Never did it rhyme

Have a spark of originality

Or rhythm

Or any redeeming grace


Now that I am fifty five (plus!)

I find myself writing poetry again

As awful as before

As whiny and confused

As graceless—if slightly better spelt!


Second childhood I have heard of,

But why did no one warn me

That adolescence and the mid-life crisis

Have so much in common?


One thought on “Writing Poetry

  1. “Adolescence and mid-life crisis have so much in common”, thank you for the warning :)! At least we know what’s coming our way and hopefully give us sometime to prepare ourselves!


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