I Have Met God—He’s a Bureaucrat

My God is a bureaucrat

In the best traditions of Indian bureaucracy


I pray and plead

But He has no time

For petty, individual sorrows and requests

Because He is looking

At the bigger picture


I rant and rave

Against the unfairness of the order of things

But His look tells me

That He can only worry about

The overall order of things


If you and I and a little ant

Feel aggrieved

That is really our problem

For the macro-indicators

Are showing a positive trend.


I try to make sense of things

But when I ask Him to explain

He tells me that it is not for me to understand

All these things are decided ‘at a higher level’


I try to get in touch when I need him

But He never responds

Maybe because He is in meetings

Or on tour


And so I have learnt

To cope with my problems

My tragedies, my questions

Because though

Right to Information is now an Act

God won’t respond if he doesn’t want to

And usually, he doesn’t.



6 thoughts on “I Have Met God—He’s a Bureaucrat

  1. May be He is a bureaucrat or may be He just loves to test the level of endurance. Ultimate solution is to strengthen the individual unique human potential which has the capacity to transform any tragic situation into triumph.

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  2. Yes and that is why you have to give lot of ‘offerings’ to please the God-bureaucrat😁 . Moreover I think like most govt offices, there is a peon or secy sitting before him, who actually decides which applications to take to him!!
    Jokes apart, I too feel sometimes that he does not answer but have found later that what ever happened or not was better in long-term. Or as you say He knows the ‘big picture’.
    And lastly, as Ghalib said “humko maloom hai jannat ki haqueeqat lekin,
    Dil ko khush rakhne ko ghalib yeh khayal aacha hai” 🤗


  3. Meena, I didn’t realize you were a poet also … very nicely put … maybe he (how do you know God is male?) does not respond because he does not exist?


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