Justifications Believers Could Give

In the old days, it seems from all reports,

That Gods of all faiths performed many, many miracles


THEY would save believers from the jaws of death

THEY would heal lepers and give sight to the blind

THEY would grant riches and victory to the righteous

And take the time to wipe the tears of widows and orphans


But it seems THEY are slipping up badly these days

I can see no miracles around me

In fact, THEY are performing ‘Below Expectation’ (a term from my appraisal process!)

Even in their core function

Which is to reward the good and punish the bad


Well, when you think about it

I can find some excuses for THEM

How do you expect THEM to cope

With the kind of rise in population

The world has seen from the good old days?

So many billions of souls

Calling out to them for

Miracles big and small


Agreed THEY are Gods

But even THEY, surely

Must be stressed and over-worked

Poverty, hunger, AIDS

Terrorist attacks, the War on Terror

Nuclear proliferation

Stock market booms and busts

Dictators and trolls

Floods, droughts, tsunamis

Child trafficking, porn sites

Violence against women


In between sorting out all this

Do you seriously expect THEM

To make the time

For a personal miracle for you?


Get real!




4 thoughts on “Justifications Believers Could Give

  1. Ultimately, everything boils down to belief and faith, isn’t it! Whether the good God above will come to our rescue or find time to pull us out of whatever clutches we are in, is something no one has a proof. But that just one belief that He has good team to support and update him and nothing is impossible for Him is good enough reason to BELIEVE that He has time, attention and energy to take care of all 😀!


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