At the Gym

Designer derrieres

And sculpted six-packs

Designer track suits

And funky shoes

Designer keto shakes

And salads and bakes


Hunks who could strut into

A wrestling rink

And girls who could walk

On any ramp


And then the four or five of us

Desperately battling mid-life bulges

Sagging muscles

Unruly paunches


As if that were not enough

I had to overhear this yesterday:
One PYT to another:

β€˜All the uncles and aunties in my office

Are damn inspired by me, yaar

They all want to start coming to the gym

You know, all those 35-year old ancients.’


And I picked up

My 55-year old face and muscles

And slunk out.


-Meena Raghunathan

P.S: written a few years ago!

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