Why this blog?

To enable two well-past middle-age matriarchs to “tell it like it is” to the rest of the world. The two of them have spent their lives ‘scolding and moulding’—their team members, their children, and any younger person who made the mistake of wandering into their ambit. And all with the (mistaken?) belief that they were making the individuals and the world better for their admonishing!

And now with the children (biological and adopted) having flown the coop, and the teams, and opportunities for young people to be in their ambits shrinking, the matriarchs need avenues to continue their nagging, telling, and general commentaries on the world. And hence the blog. So what if no one ever visits? The matriarchs have done their duty by sending their scoldings out into the ether!

So on the occasion of International Women’s Day, 2018, here is to a voice for women, especially those of vintage years. Women like us need to send their messages out too! The world is not just for the young!

–Meena and Mamata

11 thoughts on “Why this blog?

  1. Thank you! Will follow the blog for the scoldings… I do miss them! Will make sure my daughter reads them too… I know they’ve done me good and will do her good as well! Respect and love.


  2. Really liked the message and writing style. Its so true especially with people sidelining the topics of female foeticide and crime against women as ‘unspeakables’.


  3. Good to see both of you back in action together! Feel like getting a draft corrected now itself😄 look forward to virtual anytime anywhere scoldings and enjoying the ruch flavour of the writing duo👍


  4. I always loved reading what you both wrote whether it was comments on drafts submitted or email. Scolding is always welcome from both of you and now this distance one. Your blogs will be like post box now where I am always expecting a letter. Lots of love and regards Preeti


  5. What a pleasant surprise M&M! Did you know that you sit in my sub-conscious and keep asking those straight questions and admonish too? So, one really had to clear that hurdle to simply not feel silly or overconfident! Maybe, we should call it M&M test?
    Looking forward to the posts here. Cant wait to read and say how delightful!


  6. WOW! Am pinching myself to check if am dreaming or still awake reading another draft that has just returned with many a million modifications meant to maneuvering the mid path and be moulded… to get a magnificent work and await the green mark, “getting there” and smiley!

    Well, it all mattered to me!


  7. The scolding acted like a friction smoothening and shaping a stone, may be one of those precious ones 😀. Look forward to more words of wisdom, to follow and to emulate.


  8. Great idea to start this blog. Feels like a nostalgic journey into a pleasant and peaceful era that was our childhood and youth.


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